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    Anna Aspnes blogján

    Layout Deconstructed No. 8

    Tutorial | Realistic Drop Shadows


    Tutorial | Working with Transparent Elements


    Tutorial | Channel Mixer Black and White Conversion


    Tutorial | Text Over An Element


    Tutorial | Create a Zoomify Plugin


    Tutorial | Artsy Photos with PostworkShop 3


    Layout Deconstruction 15 | Layer Styles, Blending Modes and Creative Texts


    Tutorial | How to Use a FotoBlendz Clipping Mask + Warp Technique


    Layout Deconstruction 20 | 3 Techniques to Use Transfers and Overlays


    Captivated Visions blogján

    Artful Digi Scrapping | A Blended Layout Walk-Through with Eszter




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    1. rész – Kedvenceink – Eszter (beszteri), aprótalpak
    2. rész – Scrapbook


    Interjú Sissy Sparrows blogján (angolul)


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